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At BABYSECUR we understand that your loved one's safety is your biggest concern 


That is why we have developed a system that is 100% adaptable to any pool fencing situation without compromising safety, pool access or landscaping requirements. Our factory trained technicians will assist you to determine the safest and most convenient layout for your fence.

Your children's safety is BABYSECUR's biggest concern too. 


Removable pool fences were developed in the USA 40 years ago to address the risks for toddlers, young children and pets that a fast expanding residential swimming pool market posed.



Available in 1mt and 1.22mt​ hight as CTE requirements.​

We offer several heights and colours to fulfill  any safety and landscaping requirements. 

Our Textilene ® mesh offers a transparency that almost matches glass, so the fence is unobstrusive and pleasant to look through, allowing the supervision of children from outside the fenced area.

​​​Swimming pools are fun they but also pose a big risk for small children. In this section you will find tips on how to prevent domestic accidents and how to respond should one happen.

Swimming pool fences are the safest measure to prevent drownings for they are a physical barrier between the patio or garden and the area of risk.


BABYSECUR offers the safest fencing available and it is also the most convenient.

It is easily removable and allows unrestricted access the pool while being visually pleasant too. In the last 15 years we introduced many improvements that make our fences safer, more convenient and simpler to operate than any alternative fencing products.